Miniature Walcheren

Discover Miniature Walcheren

The world is back to front here - you feel like a giant in a miniature landscape!

The "Miniatuur Walcheren" miniature park has been moved from Middelburg town centre and has been laid out and upgraded in partnership with the Madurodam miniature park in The Hague. This miniature park has exactly the same contours as Walcheren and it also has sunken walking routes. These paths give the precise position with respect to sea level and make it easier to examine the models.

Middelburg’s impressive Town Hall towers here, along with Vlissingen Boulevard and the Middelburg abbey complex. You will hear the bells of Arnemuiden chiming and see a ship catch fire. Various buttons let you set the scenes in motion.

The models are built to a scale of 1:20.

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